Fourways Health Centre in Johannesburg

General Medical Doctor
See Dr Bart, for a wide range of medical services, from 08.00am until late

Miracle of PRP
The fraction of your own blood that reduces pain, speeds up recovery and helps rejuvenate tissue. For joint pain, hair restoration, muscle & ligament injuries and more.

Reflexology is an ancient method of stimulating the pressure points on the feet to encourage balance and harmony in the body.

Stromal Vascular Fraction
We are excited to assist you with stem cell treatments for various illnesses.

Needleless Flu Vaccines
Protect yourself and your family this year from colds and flu with a flu shot – but this time it’s NEEDLELESS!

Health Care Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg

Taking care of your good health is the best way to keep it. Having a quality medical practice in your neighbourhood is a definite benefit to all who live there.
The Fourways Health Centre is the clinic which is devoted to all aspects of healthcare. Clinics are run and operated by top medical professionals some specialising in General Medical Practice and will often be the GP visited by the whole family.At Fourways Health Care Centre we take your health seriously, this is why we have dedicated practitioners who will be able to attend to your medical requirements.The healthcare services which are offered at Fourways Health Centre include a general practitioner; dietician; psychologist; physiotherapist; reflexology, consultations for needless flu vaccines. A visit to this medical practice in Fourways will help you maintain all aspects of your health and well being. Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle does require a certain amount of guidance and commitment. When you visit our healthcare facility our qualified professionals will address any queries you may have and offer advice and support to maintain and improve your health.
We have vacant consulting rooms on our premises for licensed healthcare practitioners that would like to join our family. Please call: 011 465 8846