A Balanced Diet

Weight-loss is probably the main reason why people decide to go on a diet. However sustained weight-loss and not regaining all the weight is more about a lifestyle change rather than a temporary change of habits.

There is an ongoing debate as to what diet is the best and which is the best way to change your eating habits. The truth is that the same thing does not work for everybody.

Why one diet is not successful for everybody:

  • Our bodies differ, and so react differently to different foods
  • Each persons health is different
  • Our time tables are different
  • Individual activities differ from each other
  • The degree to which our habits have affected us negatively
  • The amount of weight that needs to be lost


The best way to lose weight and to maintain your health is to follow a balanced diet. A visit to a dietician will explain to you what a balanced diet entails and how you can benefit from it.

Your dietician will also do an assessment and ask you the relevant questions regarding your lifestyle. Based on the information collected, your dietician will then be able to make suggestions on the best way to change your individual eating habits.


What is a balanced diet?

Food is divided into several groups among which you will find, fats, sugars, meats, fruit and vegetables and grains. Each food group has a role to play in your overall health and your weight.

By eating of these different food groups in the correct proportions your body should have everything it needs to remain healthy and return to it’s optimal weight.

Often one of the groups is neglected in favour of another and this can impact us negatively, either through weight gain or our general health making us more susceptible to various illnesses.

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