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The Importance of Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

The Importance of Monitoring Your Blood Pressure In our stressful world we are constantly being bombarded with all these alarming facts and messages about how we need to take care of ourselves and how all the things that we have been doing, like sitting and using our computers or smart devices could be killing us. […]

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Signs you need to see a Podiatrist

When it’s time to assess and manage foot problems and pain, a podiatrist is the best person to assist you to get back on track. In addition to around four years of studies to specialise in the foot, podiatrists may specialise in skin and nail issues, musculoskeletal pain and injuries or a diabetic foot. A […]

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The importance of a flu shot

The typical flu season will occur from fall to early spring. The severity and length of an epidemic might vary. There are some fortunate people who get through the season without catching the flu at all. However, you should be prepared to be surrounded by coughing and sneezing few a few months in every year. […]

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Signs That You Need a Chiropractor

The first time you saw a chiropractor was most likely because of neck or back pain, but those aren’t the only signals your body can give you to indicate that you need chiropractic care. There are many other ways your body can let you know. Below are a few of the most common signals. Headaches […]

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Having the Courage to Seek Help

Sometimes we know we need some extra help every now and then, like to carry those heavy shopping bags or to get all of our work done before our deadlines or to help us out of a tight jam. It is a common phrase that people say, “if you need anything just call.” Yet we […]

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About Reflexology

Reflexology is a well known therapeutic method where the patients pain is relieved by stimulating predefined pressure points on the hands and feet. This controlled pressure helps to alleviate the source of discomfort. In the absence of any particular abnormality or malady, reflexology can be just as effective for promoting illness prevention and good health […]

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