Having the Courage to Seek Help

Having the Courage to Seek Help

Having the courage to seek help

Sometimes we know we need some extra help every now and then, like to carry those heavy shopping bags or to get all of our work done before our deadlines or to help us out of a tight jam. It is a common phrase that people say, “if you need anything just call.” Yet we always feel like we can’t call and bother those people, or that they really can’t help us. Sometimes we need help but we don’t seek it, we think “oh, some sleep, tea and soup will sort out my cold.” And it hardly ever does, it is the same with our mental health.

Occupational Therapy
There is still an unnecessary and unhelpful stigma that people feel when it comes to reaching out for help. Mental health is just as important, if not more important than physical health. We all deserve to feel happy and fulfilled in life, no one should feel unworthy of joy. Occupational therapy offers the confidential support and skills everyone needs to be able to build on their strengths to thrive in everyday life. Many people suffer in silence because they are too afraid to speak out. Occupational therapy is guidance and assistance for those suffering from mental illness and stress to be able to overcome the challenges in their lives building on their individual strengths.

Who Can Benefit From Occupational Therapy?
Many people can benefit from occupational therapy as the therapist is trained, and registered with HPCSA. They are able to assist those who suffer from anxiety, depression, grief and trauma, time management and work stresses, substance abuse and many other emotional states that affect people in the different stages of life. Anyone who is experiencing a rough patch in life is welcome to gain the help that they need. There is always a reason to take care of your mental state, and that is because you deserve to be happy and find closure. You are a valuable person and you deserve to enjoy life.

Booking a Consultation
Fourways Health Centre has fully qualified and registered occupational therapists to help you grow through life and to have those joyful experiences that you deserve. There is no judgement and there is help.