Diet vs Lifestyle

Visiting your dietician and having a meal plan created specifically for you is probably the best move you will make where maintaining and improving your health is concerned. By guiding you to eat the correct foods for your physical condition while keeping your goals in mind.

 Most people decide to visit a dietician because they are simply not losing all the weight that they would like to and when they do lose the weight it is a battle to keep it off.  Your dietician, will change your diet, not put you on one.

 It is a true adage that a diet ends, but a lifestyle change does not.

When you consult with your dietician your current state of health will play a role in what program you are given to follow. The first aim is to be healthy or to improve health. This is done by the breaking of bad habits – Chocolates in front of the television set or a fried dinner rather than a healthier option.

What your new found food contains besides the obvious roughage and crisp freshness is a number of micro-nutrients, each with their own purpose.

What are micro-nutrients

Micro-nutrition is derived from the various vitamins and minerals including trace elements which can be found in our food.


What makes micro-nutrients so important

  • Deficiencies and the various aches and pains that we attribute to age or being overweight can be limited with proper nutrition/micro-nutrition.
  • Balance within the intestine can be reach through various probiotics and prebiotics
  • And the real ravages of ages can be held at bay and the effects minimised with a healthy diet.


A few examples of micro-nutrients, where they’re found and how they benefit you:


Iron, this is what your body needs to help your red blood cells transport oxygen throughout your body. Iron is not only found in red meat but also in leafy green vegetables like spinach, some kinds of beans and some types of unrefined grains.

Zinc can be found in various types of beans and whole grains as well as in dairy product. Your intake of these food groups helps you ward off fatigue and prevent hair loss while not having sufficient zinc in your system any wounds you may sustain will take longer to heal.

Potassium, found in a number of different foods, among them bananas, has the function of helping to control the water balance within your body.

Vitamins. These come in their various alphabetic guises, but each one has a specific function or contributes to the completion of a function.

Vitamins activate enzymes which as proteins trigger various reactions within the body. Vitamin C is a firm favorite in the fight against disease and the damage that can be done by free radicals, while a combination of vitamin C and vitamin D help with the growth and strengthening of bones and connective tissue.

It is not necessary to ingest huge amounts of micro-nutrients, or trace minerals, as much as they are important to our overall health they are only needed in small doses. So when your dietician advises that you eat more of one thing and less of another, rest assured it’s all in the name of balance and good health.


Lifestyle changes

So when all is said and done and you’ve tried a million diets where the weight keeps coming back and you never feel as great as you’d hoped you would, give up on the dieting. It is time to make a lifestyle change and constantly nourish your body in the correct way.

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