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Psychiatry and Me

What else can I do to maintain my mental wellbeing?

As has been discussed under previous topics above, not all mental illness requires medication. Unfortunately, some mental illness needs medication and it is vital to take medication as it has been prescribed. Your psychiatrist will talk to you about your diagnosis and need for medication individually as each person has their own unique needs. Although there are lifestyle choices that can be beneficial in maintaining mental and physical health, these are not a substitute for medication if it is needed but rather go hand-in-hand with taking medication.

Some other things that can help with mental and physical health include techniques to manage stress and build coping skills, getting into a regular routine with sleeping and making healthy lifestyle choices. There is increasing evidence for exercise and a healthy diet to promote wellbeing and to prevent other illnesses as we age. Regular checkups are also important to prevent and screen for other illnesses and your psychiatrist may request tests such as cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney functioning and medication levels from time to time.