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In everyday life, we can get caught by unexpected flus, illnesses, pain or discomfort which can make it difficult to continue normally with school, work or just general wellbeing.

Aliments can cause our everyday challenges to become even harder but why suffer when there is a solution? As a health care centre in Johannesburg, we care for and treat any issue that you may be experiencing to ensure that you can continue normally and in a healthy manner.

Staying healthy and happy

Have you ever found yourself working out at the gym and as you lift a weight on your third rep, a sharp pain pierces your shoulder out of the blue.

Then the pain just doesn’t seem to work its self out. There is a solution, as a medical practice we offer the solutions you need to fix your issues.

There are/is chiropractors; reflexology; stromal vascular fraction; psychiatrists; needleless flu vaccines and general medical doctors available for the treatment of any aliment you may have.

Taking it easy

If, after an exhausting week of work, you feel like you need to spoil yourself, and all you want to do is unwind and feel pampered, why not get skin conditioning therapy; aromatherapy; deep tissue massage; monotherapy; anti-aging procedures; acne removal treatment and more?

Make yourself feel brand new and ready to take on the world. Spoil yourself at one of our any Health Care Centre in Johannesburg and escape your aliments, flus or discomfort.


As a medical practice, we wish to ease every aspect of health care. There is also a variety of products that you can use for general skin care that can help with confidence and comfort.

We understand that when it comes to one’s appearance they wish to keep it in tip top shape. There are products available that will help with acne and general skin health.

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If you have any aliments that you wish to cure or treat, we can help you at Fourways Health Centre.