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Needle-less to Say

Jet injectors have been utilised for approximately seventy-five years, but before becoming effective and seamless as an epidermal drug delivery tool, certain kinks had to be ironed out of the design. Today, the evolution of the jet injector has seen it make a successful comeback – and this time, it’s for good.


Needle-free Functionality

Needle-free injections rely on compressed air which then administers a very fine jet of fluid into the skin. The jet-propelled technology has the ability to reach intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular tissues, which means that medications such as vaccines, insulin, certain anaesthetics, antibiotics and a range of therapeutic drugs can now be administered without the use of a needle.

Benefits for Health Care Practitioners

Health care centre practitioners and associated professionals in the medical field will benefit from this innovative technology since it has been designed to streamline and speed up the process of mass immunization. The technology eliminates the chances of needle-stick injuries and the need for a “sharps” disposable. The jet injector is also hygienic and reusable, saving money.

Benefits for Patients

The actual administration of the fluid is allegedly pain-free which is great news for those with phobias of needles as well as children and their parents. Jet injectors have also been designed for home use which means it is incredibly convenient for those who need regular insulin injections. Learning to administer these injections takes minimal training as they are equipped with pre-sets for optimisation.


The World Health Organization is behind this new technology, as is the Food and Drug Association (FDA). If you are terrified of needles or have a child who is, contact Fourways Health Centre or visit their website for more information on this ground-breaking technology.