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The Medical Miracle Inside You

As a patient , the only thing one ever hears is what is going wrong within our body. Yes your body could be riddled with countless hostile lifeforms but in addition to the negatives there is an underlying positive that until recently was not thought to be the new health cure.


What could it be?


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of the components that makes up the blood circulating through your body. Platelets are cells that are alerted when there is an injury to the body . They are referred to as the first responders in these situations as they are the first to attend to the area and are responsible for the healing that begins to take place in said area.


Why does it work ?


Every field in the world is expanding and with that said the medical field is doing so at an alarming rate. With the advancements in technology as well , this plays a complementary role in  developing new medical procedures to help improve our standard of living. PRP Treatment and Injections extract and isolate your own platelets and then use them to heal or improve damaged tissue without the added discomfort or pain that accompanies a standard medical procedure. Being taken from within your body, this makes its safer in terms of damage to tissue than typical procedures involving injections of other substances.


How does it work?


The procedure is simple:

  • Blood is withdrawn from your arm like you would when donating blood
  • It is then placed in a machine called a centrifuge which spins it and separates it into its different components
  • The platelets are then extracted and activated to release the growth factors
  • These platelets are then injected into the sites that need healing


The amount of problems or irritations that can be treated via PRP is almost endless . Ranging from a simple sports injury to hair degeneration  to sun damaged skin and countless more.


If you think you would benefit from PRP treatment contact the Fourways Health Centre directly or visit their website for more information.