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The Stem of Alternative Treatments

Stem Cell Therapy or ‘Cell Surgery’ has not only become a buzz-word in the field of medicine, but a viable treatment option for the improvement of a range of various medical conditions. This innovative and forward-thinking medical procedure can sound complex, so stay-tuned for a breakdown of the basics of Stem Cell Treatment.

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, Stem Cell Therapy focuses on finding and isolating specialised, ‘pluripotent’ cells that are lying dormant within the body or have not been assigned a role yet. These cells have the unique ability to morph into a new set of cells as per the area they are redirected to through ‘Cell Surgery’. In other words, Stem Cell Therapy ‘assigns roles’ to these cells through surgical manipulation, where they will adapt and begin to repair existing tissue damage that they encounter.

Who Can Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy?

Anyone that has experienced various types of tissue damage can potentially benefit from Cell Surgery. The instigator of this tissue damage can be certain diseases such as Cancer, degenerative conditions such as Parkinsons or Alzheimers or as the result from injury – people with Spinal Chord Injuries can also benefit from Stem Cell Therapy.

What Sets this Treatment Apart?

Stem Cell Treatment is unique in terms of the targeted restoration that the treatment can offer. As an example, Cancer and associated treatments are known to break down the cells of the body – Stem Cell Treatment can direct new cells to restore and begin to repair areas of extreme resultant damage, making the body better equipped to heal itself, more resistant to the invasion of the cancer cells and more capable of fighting back.

What Other Treatments are on Offer in Johannesburg?

When it comes to the field of medicine, there are various approaches to treat disease and injury that can work in relation to individual cases and the specific diseases or injuries that need to be addressed. From General Practitioners, Reflexology, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy to Chiropractors, Psychiatrists and finally, Stem Cell Treatment, finding a treatment that works for you has never been easier.

Fourways Health Centre

Fourways Health Centre takes a holistic approach to healing – understanding that one method of treatment does not apply to every patient (though they may share the same ailment), and that there are many fields of health to consider, with many pathways to get you there. As such, you’ll be able to find all of the treatments mentioned above under one roof, at one Medical Practice, for your convenience. Contact them or visit their website for more information.


All over your body is teeming with stem cells. Without them, you would be dead very quickly. These cells are either highly specialised cells that will turn into a particular cell line, like muscles, neural tissue, bone, skin etc.

But in certain places, we can find cells that are called pluripotent, or cells that differentiate into various types of tissue. it is only a matter of finding and isolating them.

By a simple, surgical, point of care procedure, we can assist in liberating these cells that are currently “unemployed” and deploy them to an area that needs their attention, where they can get to work. By repairing and restoring a damaged tissue caused by a variety of causes, be it injury, auto-immune, infection or just plain ageing/degenerative conditions.

We have partnered with a worldwide network of doctors and clinics that are dedicated to clinical research in the arena of stem cell treatment through this surgical procedure, which ensures we are on the cutting edge with the latest advances in this field.

While not a cure-all, we are excited about the improvements our patients are seeing through stem cell treatment.


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