A Turnkey Medical Centre Right Here in Fourways

Fourways Health Centre: A Turnkey Medical Centre Right Here in Fourways

The modern world presents a great many dangers to the average person’s health.

From elevated levels of pollution through to the way that stress plays havoc on every one of our bodily systems, as well as the side-effects of a hurried, unthought out diet; taking care of ourselves amidst the flurry of an ever increasingly fast-paced life can be difficult.

Finding treatments for the side-effects of modern life isn’t exactly challenging; but finding treatments that you can trust and rely on, that you can obtain conveniently, that approach your needs with sensitivity, dignity and a holistic approach to improved overall health, can be a challenge.

Your therapist may be on one side of the city while your GP is in another, you may have to travel further than you would like to just to see that reflexologist that you prefer. This makes finding a medical facility that offers a broad range of services a beneficial approach for anybody looking for medical treatments that offer consistency, reliability and convenience in equal measure.

Our medical practice in Fourways aims to ensure that our patients get the best treatments they need with a comprehensive range of specialised medical services that can all be found under one roof, right here in the heart of Fourways.

To offer our patients a range of encompassing treatments, our medical facility has taken up the mantle of Fourways’ top medical facility, characterised by empathetic staff, cutting-edge medical technology and treatments, competitive prices and more.

So how can our team of medical experts at Fourways Health Centre assist you today? We offer services relating to general practitioners, platelet-rich plasma treatments, chiropractor, physiotherapy and reflexology treatments, psychiatry consultations, as well as needleless vaccines.

General Practitioners

Our facility offers state of the art diagnosis facilities that cover a wide range of specialised medical fields.

Managed by Dr Bart Kurek, our general practitioners’ office handles everything from general check-ups and blood-pressure monitoring to specialised consultations such as gynaecology, paediatrics, cryogen, dermatology and a lot more.

Dr Bart has been practising aesthetic medicine and paediatric surgery since graduating in 2008 from the University of Pretoria and is one of the few doctors in the country to be certified by the board for Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

These services ensure that we can take stock of the base needs of our patients where they have medical concerns through thorough and accurate diagnoses, consultations for surgery and more.

We offer medical examinations for use with Home Affairs as well as general medicines for a range of treatments.

Our GP’s office also specialises in paediatrics that pay specific attention to the healthy development of children and expecting women.

Gynaecological treatments and diagnoses include general check-ups for monitoring feminine health, as well as on-demand pregnancy tests and PAP smears.

Aside from that, our GPS office offers surgical consultations to ensure that surgery patients get the best and most appropriate treatments in theatre.

In addition, our GP’s offices also offer specialised dermatological treatments and more removals for skin that doesn’t just look healthy and youthful, but actually is.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has a range of applications, providing a powerful treatment for a range of conditions and disorders. These treatments use your body’s own natural resources to galvanise internal healing, particularly where skin or tissue has been damaged.

Our blood platelets are directly concerned with healing wounds in our bodies, and as such is generally the first type of blood to act when we are injured. It has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, and you have, stockpiled in your body right now, all the platelets you need for this type of treatment.

Blood Platelet therapy can be used to treat a range of disorders. From sports injuries and damaged cartilage to reducing the symptoms of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, it is a powerful medical tool in the hands of the right practitioner.

They can even be used to stimulate hair growth, can treat a range of gynaecological conditions such as menopause, post-pregnancy stress and vaginismus, is useful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, and is most notably used for skin rejuvenation where it has become damaged, dry or sensitive for any reason.

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Work?

  1. Blood is first extracted from the patient’s body so that their own biological resources can be used for the treatment.
  2. This blood is then used in a centrifuge machine that spins the blood at a high velocity. This ensures that the blood is separated from the platelet-rich plasma.
  3. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected back into the affected area on the patient so that the plasma can get to work on the healing process.

This ensures that platelet-rich plasma offers comprehensive healing and strengthening properties while simultaneously presenting minimal invasion to the patient.

Chiropractor Services

Chiropractors offer an effective treatment for people from all walks of life, and with a range of different conditions. From sportspeople to children and babies, and even the elderly, chiropractic treatments have been known to effectively treat a number of muscular, skeletal and joint conditions very effectively.

The chiropractors in our medical centre in Fourways provide both diagnosis and treatments by carefully manipulating misaligned joints. This is particularly the case when related to the spinal column, conditions of which can have a severe overall impact on a person’s health and comfort.

For sportspeople, chiropractors can help to relieve muscle tension and injuries sustained during the performance. It can improve range of motion, blood flow and greatly relieve muscle tension, joint stiffness and pain.

Chiropractors can use this approach to treat neck pain, lower back pain, disc injuries, headaches or migraines resulting from tension, sciatica and neuralgia.

Where treatments for the elderly are concerned, chiropractors help to relieve pain caused by degenerative conditions. It does this by encouraging mobility and loosening joints while enhancing balance in the body; which in turn results in faster recovery times.

In the very young, paediatric chiropractors can treat injuries and conditions in young children to relieve pain and foster optimal growth and development. These treatments include a range of conditions including colic, muscle or joint injuries, as well as middle-ear infections which may affect balance.


Our healthcare centre in Fourways offers the services of two highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists that can treat a comprehensive set of conditions held by people from all walks of life.

These treatments provide a holistic approach to fostering improved health in our patients with bespoke treatments that target the exact conditions of the person being treated.

These conditions include many different types, and include (but are not limited to) relieving pain from operations, rehabilitating sports injuries to speed up recovery while making it more effective, the treatment of orthopaedic conditions, rectifying musculoskeletal conditions, relieving tension headaches and migraines while also mitigating neck and back pain

These services are targeted towards people of all ages, from sportsmen and women in their prime to geriatrics and paediatrics, it provides unique and personalised care for any number of musculoskeletal conditions.

Where geriatric treatments are concerned, physiotherapy is known to improve mobility, range of motion eases muscle and joint pains and fosters a healthier, more active way of life.

For paediatric treatments, physiotherapy focusses on treating children up to the age of 15 years. Their approach to treatment ensures that children develop healthily and remain active through formative and rehabilitating exercises that are enjoyable and beneficial.

Our physiotherapy treatments are designed to offer the most effective results for recovery in the least amount of time; an important factor to consider when it comes to rehabilitation, particularly where the need for it results in an inability continue with sports or daily activities.


Reflexology offers a powerful and holistic therapeutic approach to treating a range of conditions.

It is non-invasive, highly effective and targets specific conditions in the body by stimulating pressure points on the feet to create an environment of harmony, cohesiveness and holistic health throughout the body.

The principle behind reflexology is not to treat the symptoms of a condition, but to rather target its causes.

It does this through specialised massage techniques on targeted parts of the feet to stimulate electrochemical reactions to related parts of the body that essentially work to unblock energy lines and create a sense of harmony in the body.

There are a number of situations where reflexology can be greatly beneficial to a patient since it is known to treat a number of a biological and psychological condition.

These include:

  • headaches and migraines which may result from tension or toxicity build-up in the body;
  • relieving stress and tension from various pressure points in the body;
  • easing pain in muscles and joints;
  • relieving the symptoms of tension, anxiety and depression;
  • treating insomnia;
  • fostering healing on a physical, emotional and mental level

Reflexology treatments offered by our medical centre in Fourways have a number of unique benefits for patients; including improved blood and oxygen circulation, enhancing feelings of relaxation, relieving chronic or mild pain, offering improved strength to hormonal and immune systems, improving the functions of the digestive system, as well as increasing vitality, longevity and energy.

Psychiatry Services

Our medical centre in Fourways doesn’t just offer treatments for the body, but also have specialised psychiatry facilities for the effective treatment of mental disorders and conditions.

In the modern world, we are all plagued by anxiety and stress in one way or another. Constant barrages on our lives in the forms of work, family, friends and personal wellbeing can take their toll on our mental states.

These states, while being beneficial to our survival, are not supposed to be felt as frequently as they are in modern life, which often results in chronic anxiety and depression disorders or burnout.

Our own Dr Lisa Galvin offers specialised psychiatry services that focus on the interplay between the mind, emotions and the way the physical body responds to stress-causing stimuli, to bring about a holistic treatment to combat the effects that these stresses can have on the body.

These services are offered to meet the unique needs and concerns of individual patients and are effective at treating a range of complex mental conditions.

These include treatments for female wellness and maternal health, treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, trauma counselling through psychotherapy, improving on memory problems and treating mental illnesses commonly faced by the elderly.

These treatments don’t simply look for a quick-fix or temporary relief for the effects of mental disorders, but rather seek to combat them at their origin by improving a person’s overall quality of life, and providing them with techniques for properly managing and circumventing their most difficult facets.

We empower our patients to take their lives, mental health and wellbeing into their own hands by assisting them with managing the environmental cues that cause such conditions to take place.

Needleless Flu Vaccines

Vaccinations are an essential part of maintaining the best possible defence against dangerous diseases and infections; particularly in our children.

Even in adults, vaccinations allow you to build a greater immune defence against infections, which is important wherever we come into contact with high concentrations of people.

Our medical centre in Fourways offers individual vaccinations to protect your immune system, as well as group ones that are both cost and time effective.

We also offer these services with a bit of a difference with needleless vaccines which are perfect for those who have a fear of needles. This is particularly invaluable for parents who do not want to put their children through the pain of hypodermic injection but still need to have these vaccinations done.

Contact Fourways Health Centre for Details

With such a range of specialised medical services all under one roof, Fourways Health Centre provides convenient, effective and affordable care when you need it. If you would like to find out more about our services or would like to book a consultation, be sure to get into contact with one of our representatives today or take a look at our website for further details on our offers.