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Exfoliate your Way to Healthy, Glowing Skin

You may be cleansing, toning, moisturising, and slathering on the sunscreen – but if you’re not exfoliating, your skin isn’t as healthy as it could be. Exfoliation refers to the removal of the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. It can be performed mechanically, by using abrasive scrubs on the skin or chemically, by […]

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Which 1* are you?

Years of squinting, concentrating, or frowning can cause your skin to furrow and crease. As time passes, your skin becomes less elastic and those moderate to severe frown lines between your brows remain…. even when your muscles aren’t contracting. The moderate to severe frown lines between your brows that form are often referred to as […]

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What is your Signature Smile?

Everyone is born with a unique smile and specific lip shape; be it plumper, shapelier or just slightly more defined we all dream of a perfect pout. Although the first step to beautiful lips is keeping the area moisturised and hydrated, aesthetic medicine has grown in leaps and bounds to bring you specialized dermal fillers […]

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Important Guidelines when Choosing a Sunscreen

High SPF Choose only sunscreens with SPF 30 or above Broad Spectrum Protection Choose a sunscreen that protects you from both UVA & UVB Ingredients Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide

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Product of the Week: Lycogel Breathable Camouflage SPF 30

Improve your skin and look flawless with our product of the week: Lycogel Breathable Camouflage SPF 30 Undetectable coverage that lasts all day! Breathable Camouflage is available in 10 shades. It can be mixed and applied in buildable layers to create a custom coverage that looks natural and feels like you have nothing on. You […]

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Product of the Week: Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream

The dreaded turkey neck is something that we joke about in our teens, double check we don’t have in our twenties and thirties then somewhere along the line realise it’s probably going to become a concern quicker than we’d hoped… Maybe we’re just in denial, after all, that only happens when you’re closing in on […]

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What are Dermal Fillers?

Aging is inevitable. As we age we lose volume due to the breakdown of the facial support structure, collagen and elastin. The shape of our face changes, cheeks become hollow, lips thinner and naso-genian folds (creases from nose to lips) give one a tired, worn look. Smoothing out the folds and wrinkles or enhancing your […]

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Don’t throw away your spoiled milk!

Add it to your warm bath and soak in this for at least 20 minutes. It will give the smoothest and silkiest skin imaginable. Far superior to a mere milk bath. This solution softens the skin more effectively than loofah scrubbing or dry brushing. Milk is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin D and […]

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Is your skin ready for Spring?

Try Neostrata’s Problem Dry Skin Cream for extremely cracked heels, elbows, knees and other areas of dry skin. This rich cream is formulated with 20% Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to smooth and moisturize severely dry, rough and thickened skin such as knees, elbows and heels. Significant improvement has been demonstrated in heavily calloused skin in […]

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“When life gives you lemons… Add it to your water!”

Lemons. It’s amazing what they can do for your body. Drinking plenty of water helps clear out toxins out of the body and lemon water actually makes that more effective. You are what you eat and drink as drinking lemon water proves to not only be healthy for the body, but also for the skin! […]

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