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Meeting my Psychiatrist

What can I expect the first time I meet my Psychiatrist? Your first appointment with a psychiatrist will be a longer appointment than usual. Your psychiatrist will take a detailed history from you. Some of the questions they will ask you will include your reason for coming now, your past medical history and past and […]

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Pregnancy and Mental Health

Why is perinatal mental health important? Pregnancy and the birth of a child is a time of joy for many women however it may also be a time of great stress. Many women will look back and acknowledge that with all the joy and wonder of bringing a new life into the world, there were […]

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Female Mental Health

What does Female Mental Health mean? Mental health is not just the absence of disease but rather means to be in a state of emotional and psychological well being. Women and men may be affected by mental illness differently. Some illnesses such as anxiety and depression occur more often in women than in men. Women […]

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Psychiatry and Medication

Will my psychiatrist prescribe medication? Many, but not all, illnesses that affect the mind have been shown to be linked to changes in the chemicals in the brain. Examples of these chemical include serotonin, dopamine, noradrenalin, GABA and glutamate. Sometimes other illnesses can also cause symptoms of mental illness. Examples of other illnesses that can […]

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Psychology vs. Psychiatry

What is the difference between psychology and psychiatry? People often ask what the difference between psychology and psychiatry is. Psychologists are professionals who have extensively studied psychotherapy and how to treat mental and emotional difficulties. They are skilled in providing therapy to help people with their problems. Psychiatrists on the other hand, are trained medical […]

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What is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry means “a healing of the soul” and get its origins from the Greek word psykhe, meaning “mind,” and iatreia, meaning “healing, care.” Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that specialises in the complex interactions between the functioning of the brain, the physical body, emotions and the mind. Psychiatrists are specialised medical doctors who treat illnesses of the mind. They may […]

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The Importance of Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

In our stressful world we are constantly being bombarded with all these alarming facts and messages about how we need to take care of ourselves and how all the things that we have been doing, like sitting and using our computers or smart devices could be killing us. Of course these messages scare us, and […]

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Why Google isn’t a Good Replacement for a Professional Diagnosis

Living in the information age has its upsides and its downfalls, and there aren’t many forms of technology that contain this double-edged sword quite as strongly as the internet. We have the collective wealth of human knowledge at our fingertips, which has made everybody a bit of an expert on everything. Where the medical fields […]

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Signs you need to see a Podiatrist | Fourways Health Centre

Signs you need to see a Podiatrist

When it’s time to assess and manage foot problems and pain, a podiatrist is the best person to assist you to get back on track. In addition to around four years of studies to specialise in the foot, podiatrists may specialise in skin and nail issues, musculoskeletal pain and injuries or a diabetic foot. A […]

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The importance of a flu shot | Fourways Health Centre

The importance of a flu shot

The typical flu season will occur from fall to early spring. The severity and length of an epidemic might vary. There are some fortunate people who get through the season without catching the flu at all. However, you should be prepared to be surrounded by coughing and sneezing few a few months in every year. […]

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