Needleless Flu Vaccines

Needle Free Injections

Protect yourself and your family this year from colds and flu with a flu shot…

But this time it’s NEEDLELESS!

Fourways Health Centre is proud to introduce Johannesburg’s first needle-free injector. Now flu shots are a pleasure and not a pain with our Needle Free Injections.

The influenza virus changes every year and therefore it is important to get these vaccines yearly. The vaccine provides at best, full immunity against the flu; at worst, it will decrease the severity and duration of the infection, should you get the flu.

This is especially important for young children and the elderly, as their immune systems are less able to cope with the stress exerted by this virus and may result in a longer duration of the illness.


It’s not an issue now that these injections are given without needles, through a revolutionary technology that injects the shot with a very fine jet of fluid, propelled by compressed air. The injection is exactly the same, except that now, there is no needle. Now your children don’t have to be afraid of going to the doctor!

Do you work in a busy environment?

You know that whether you work in a factory or an office, even the local supermarket, you will be in contact with a lot of people on a daily basis, and because the flu virus is so easily transmittable the chances of you coming down with a cold or a flu bug at least once or twice during the season are rather large.

Group Vaccinations

Making sure that all employees do in fact get a flu shot is an almost impossible task, but facilitating the process and making it easy, cost-effective and time-saving will be your trump card in making sure you are surrounded by healthy colleagues.

Before the winter begins and flu season gets into full swing, ask your Human Resources department to arrange a day with us on which we will come to your work premises and administer the Needle Free Injections flu vaccination to everyone. And because we are now using a needle-free vaccination process even those who are wary of injection needles can have themselves a healthy productive winter.

Group or batch vaccinations are convenient and time-saving and will save your company money by reducing flu-induced absenteeism.


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