Medical Examinations

Keeping a handle on your health is crucial to your continued general well-being. As a form of preventative medicine a regular medical examination will keep you in tune with your bodies condition, and in so doing allow you to take the necessary steps to prevent potential threats to your health and also to improve on your current state of health.

It is recommended that a general medical examination be scheduled on an annual basis, however as one ages it is suggested that the frequency increases.

The preventative aspect of a general medical examination is aimed at the early detection of age and lifestyle associated illnesses, with the aim of preventing, and providing early treatment, curbing the progress of the disease, and managing any changes to the health of the patient which have occurred between examinations.

It is common knowledge that one can acquire most diseases at any time without discrimination, though science has shown that certain ailments are more prevalent amongst certain groups and rare or unheard of amongst others but preventative screening is a sure-fire way of catching an ailment before it creates devastation.


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Annual Medical Examination

Health checks and insurance

Most insurance companies require a health check. The information gathered will be used to determine the value of the insurance as well as the monthly premium which will be required to keep the insurance policy active.

Why should you have an annual medical examination?

As mentioned, the annual check-up is mostly preventative. You don’t go to the doctor for years and then one day you feel pain, and when you get the diagnosis from the doctor, the situation is rather dire. But you avoided going to the doctor, just like many others because you do not want to be told to change the lifestyle and habits you’ve grown so comfortable with over the years and don’t want to be told the damage that has been done. Maybe for you, ignorance is bliss.

What does the annual medical examination entail

The yearly check-up will differ with each individual although the principle remains the same. Your doctor will first discuss anything that may be relevant to you and also address any concerns you may have. Some examinations will be physical and others may include blood screening, this will be determined during your consultation with your doctor.

Some of the chief components of the examination will be:

  • Blood pressure
  • Diabetes test
  • Cholesterol examination
  • Lung capacity
  • Weight analysis
  • Possible cancers or infections that can go undetected

These tests will vary so be sure to ask your doctor questions and to answer his questions honestly. Whether for insurance purposes or not, good health is your greatest asset.


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