Johannesburg Psychiatrist

Meeting my Psychiatrist

What can I expect the first time I meet my Psychiatrist?

Your first appointment with a psychiatrist will be a longer appointment than usual. Your psychiatrist will take a detailed history from you. Some of the questions they will ask you will include your reason for coming now, your past medical history and past and current life circumstances. Some questions may not be relevant to you but they are important as they help your psychiatrist to screen for other diagnoses that may present with similar symptoms.

It is important to be open and honest and to tell your psychiatrist what you expect from the session as well. They will give you information on your diagnosis and answer any questions you may have. They will discuss various treatment options and you will work together to find the best treatment options for you. They may refer you to occupational therapy, a psychologist or for further tests (such as a brain scan or blood tests) as needed.