Podiatrist, Alycia Kim Naidoo, will assist in the diagnoses and treatment of the foot, ankle and lower limb pathologies.


Alycia obtained her degree at the University Of Johannesburg (UJ). She completed her research dissertation on the Foot Heath Status of Patients consulting at the University of Podiatry clinic.

She runs a successful practice in Roodepoort as well as Fourways areas.

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Podiatric services include:

  • Diabetic foot screening

Assisting diabetic patients with general foot health, control and maintenance.

  • General Podiatric Care

Treatment of nail disorders and dermatological foot disorders.

  • Biomechanical assessment and gait analysis

The assessment of the lower limb during gait, identifying any abnormalities during gait and helping to rectify these abnormalities with orthotic and innersole management. The orthotic/ innersole may help in controlling and supporting the foot abnormality to prevent the unnecessary compensation and pain.

  • Laser nail treatment for fungal nails

Is the new and faster way of getting rid of the fungal nails in a few sessions of the laser treatment .The treatment is 90% successful in most cases.

  • Ingrown nail removal

This includes the removal of the nail spike with or without phenolisation .

  • Neurological , orthopaedic and vascular assessment

General foot assessment to identify any types of abnormalities present in the foot.

  • Wound management

Assisting in the treatment of pressure, diabetic, neurological e.c.t types of ulcers. This is done to prevent amputation and to assist healing of the ulcer.

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Message from the podiatrist:

I am a committed and determined woman who loves to keep my patients healthy, happy and in good spirits. The foundation of my practice is that your health and well-being is of primary concern. My further ambition is build a trustworthy, friendly and committed relationship with each and every one of you


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