Product of the Week: Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream


The dreaded turkey neck is something that we joke about in our teens, double check we don’t have in our twenties and thirties then somewhere along the line realise it’s probably going to become a concern quicker than we’d hoped… Maybe we’re just in denial, after all, that only happens when you’re closing in on 80 right? There’s always the option to start stocking up for a life time’s worth of turtle neck jumpers but if you’re not a fan of those, the good folks at Neostrata have decided to do something about it and so have just released their new Triple Firming Neck Cream.

Designed to specifically target the neck and decolleté area, the light weight cream works in a variety of different ways to; tighten, exfoliate and improve skin elasticity. Pre-peptides stimulate the production of collagen to reduce sagging and Neo Glucosamine works to reduce discolouration often caused by sun damage throughout teenage and early 20s.

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