Prosthodontist on board

Having a nice set of teeth adds so much to the way a person looks and how they are perceived, not to mention how they feel. Nature and circumstances can sometimes leave us with an unfortunate looking set of chompers that may influence how we speak and the overall appearance affect the overall appearance of the face much the same as an accident can scar the face or cause teeth to break or be knocked out.

Dentistry has fortunately taken us past just preventing cavities and straightening teeth with braces to the fields of Prosthodontics and Aesthetic dentistry.

Aesthetic dentistry is the art of using dentistry to create healthy looking teeth and an improved smile. Aesthetic dentistry is not only about veneers and teeth whitening but is in fact the art of turning a shy grin into an impressive smile. It is the the focus of the aesthetic dentist to return not only your smile but also your confidence and self-esteem.

What is a prosthodontist?
If you ever need an expert in the field of replacing or restoring teeth, after an accident or as a result of the aging process, the a prosthodontist is the person that will fulfill your requirements.

How can you benefit from a visit?

Whether it is the result of something natural or because of some kind of trauma to the mouth a prosthodontist will be able to do the following to help restore your healthy smile:

  • Simple crowns or bridges
  • Placing of ceramic crowns or caps onto teath
  • Conceal defects with veneers place on the teeth
  • Close gaps or change the shape of the tooth using bonding technology on the tooth
  • Whitening, or bleaching of discolored teeth

Certain types of maxillofacial needs can also be addressed by a prosthodontist including reconstruction and continued care.

Good teeth are necessary for mental and physical well-being and Fourways Health Centre have added Dr Mpungose to their existing group of practitioners meaning you won’t have to look too far to have your requirements met.

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