Making use of your body to help it relieve its own discomforts and encourage healing from within may seem a little odd at first but reflexology is a key to doing exactly that.

Reflexology identifies certain zones in the hands and feet which are related to specific parts of the body. Through stimulus of these zones, the different parts of the body are relieved of the discomforts and are geared towards the overall improvement of the individuals health. The consensus among reflexologists is that the stimulus of the various zones in the hands and feet harness the life force or the ‘qi’ which promotes healing.

How does it work

The body is prone to involuntary responses when certain areas are stimulated, these are reflexes, which are in turn connected to the nervous system in the same way when the corresponding points on the hands or feet are massaged a reflexive response is determined in the area in which the patient is experiencing the problem.

What do doctors say?

Numerous studies into the effectiveness have been done, the medical fraternity as jurors are still out and a definite agreement has not been reached but in a study done in Ontario, Canada a number of respondents from different facets of the medical field were asked a few questions and there appears to be a sway towards using what once were considered alternate medicines as complimentary therapies, although this was not true of all aspects of alternative medicine.

The same study revealed that most sectors of medicine agree that alternative therapies can compliment existing medicine and that doctors should be able to advise their patients of the alternatives that are available. Reflexology, chiropractics and acupuncture were the most favoured and the respondents understood what the different disciplines entail.

Overall there appears to be a general agreement that alternative therapies like reflexology have indeed moved on from being alternative to complimentary, and some medical practices actually provide these services in conjunction with conventional medicine

As a result certain medical practices are incorporating a reflexologist in the services they offer, thereby affording the patient holistic treatment

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