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Sarah Wildy is a qualified and registered dietician who provides specialised nutrition advice to men, women and children, of any age.

A dietician specializes in nutrition management. Working together with Dr Bart and all the members of the Fourways Health Centre Team, Sarah provides any invaluable service toward the overall health and well-being of her patients.  Because she is based at Fourways Health Centre, Sarah is a popular choice of dietician for Sandton residents.

Diet in Medical Conditions

Illnesses such as:

require dietary and lifestyle modifications as key steps in management of these conditions. In mild cases, this may be the only management necessary. In moderate and severe illness medical management is greatly enhanced and complemented by dietary support.

Healthy Eating

It is essential to cultivate healthy eating habits to ensure good health and maintain energy levels. Deviating in any extreme manner from healthy eating habits may result in illness, inability to carry out the simplest of tasks, both physically and mentally, and in severe cases an eating disorder may lead to premature death.

Eating a healthy diet will ensure that your body absorbs all the essential nutrients for proper functioning. This will include a balance of fresh produce and food prepared with a minimum of additives.

It is sometimes necessary to make a few changes to an already healthy diet to facilitate weight loss. Doing this under the tutelage of a dietician will allow you to gain the maximum benefit from your new eating plan and will ensure that you are still gaining the maximum nutrition needed for your lifestyle.

We are what we eat! Food is the building blocks of every cell in your body. It is therefore vital that you make the right eating choices to keep your body in optimal health. Come see Sarah today, and she will draw up your individualized eating plan, perfect for you!

Weight Loss

Sarah also specializes in dietary weight loss management. Weight loss is not only important to look and feel good, but it also significantly improves outcomes in already established illnesses, and acts as prevention to serious complications in cardiovascular disease among others.

When planning a diet for weight loss or for any other eventuality it is always beneficial to consider increasing the quantity of organic foodstuff. Organic produce presents the maximum nutrition possible without diluting the quality and quantity of the vitamins and minerals present with non-natural substances such as chemical fertilisers and pollutants.

Get your FREE Body Composition Assessment, as your starting block to a healthier, more confident you! During this 15 minute session, you will receive a comprehensive report of your starting point as well as desired weight loss goals!

Thereafter, Sarah will recommend diets specific to your preferences, body type and lifestyle goals.

Once you have undergone dietary weight management, Fourways Aesthetic Centre , which also serves as a dietician for the Sandton area, offers services that complement your weight loss (including laser for stretch marks, mesotherapy and injection lipolysis for stubborn fat pockets).

Managing an eating disorder

An eating disorder is the chronic and consistent deviation from normal eating patterns which negatively impact the health and wellness of the individual.

Eating disorders cover denying oneself food for fear of weight gain across the spectrum to eating and purging to consistent overeating which may have an equally negative impact on the physical and psychological health of the individual.

With the assistance of a Dietician such as Sarah an eating plan can be worked out that will improve health and weight.  If psychological causes behind the eating disorder surface, a referral can be done to a psychologist on the premises.


As a Discovery Vitality Member, you earn 5000 points toward your Vitality membership when you see Sarah for your Nutritional Assessment, reports and follow-ups. Make a healthy lifestyle choice today!

Sarah offers practical solutions to help you achieve your nutritional and lifestyle goals.

The offices of our dietician are accessible from all surrounding suburbs including Sandton and Hyde Park.

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