Signs you need to see a Podiatrist

Signs you need to see a Podiatrist

When it’s time to assess and manage foot problems and pain, a podiatrist is the best person to assist you to get back on track. In addition to around four years of studies to specialise in the foot, podiatrists may specialise in skin and nail issues, musculoskeletal pain and injuries or a diabetic foot.

A sports podiatry consultation usually includes am all-inclusive assessment of the area of pain, a walking assessment as well as a short and long-term management plan.

A podiatrists main role is to pinpoint if there are any hidden mechanical issues contributing to the pain, then a management plan to correct the structural driver may be required. Stretching exercises, gait advice and footwear recommendations may also be included.

If there is no exact clinical correlation between your biomechanics and pain, then further examination and referral to a podiatrist may be essential.

Aching Feet

A regular presentation for retailers and tradesmen alike, fatigue of the legs and feet are often present after long periods of standing and walking. It is usually related to poor footwear and may be related with high arch or low arch foot posture.

Bone Deformities

Bone malformations are often caused by mechanical dysfunction resulting in a gradual shift in a protruding bone and bone alignment. Osteoarthritic adjustment at the joint and surrounding may also happen.

Before visiting a surgeon’s office, traditional management to state the mechanical dysfunction including supportive devices, simple unloading, appropriate footwear may also result in a great improvement in pain.

Skin & Nail Issues

A general podiatrist is your first point of contact for nail and skin problems of the foot. Often a pain-free, simple debridement of built up dead skin may immediately resolve pain with the feet.

Podiatrists are also very well equipped to manage and diagnose skin conditions including warts and blisters. Ingrown and fungal nails are also best managed by a podiatrist.

Diabetes-related Problems

As a section of a comprehensive diabetic management plan is to reduce diabetic foot complications, a podiatrist’s part is to make sure the skin that is supplied by diabetic-effected vascular and nerves are carefully monitored.


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