What about your Posture

Postural Alignment

Having your bones meet each other and fit properly at their respective joints is an indication that your postural alignment is in place. You know your posture is in alignment when all your bones are centered on each other and your muscles are relaxed with none of your body parts twisted or bent in any way.

Why is postural alignment so important.

Aside from ideal alignment causing the least amount of strain on your joints and muscles, having a proper postural alignment benefits you through helping to minimize unnatural wear and tear on the joints and the protective cartilage.

Improper alignment can cause strain on parts of the body and your muscles which should not register any fatigue, pain or wear.


What are the most common or obvious causes of posture related ailments

  • Desk-bound jobs
  • Spending a lot of time driving, both standard cars or large vehicles like trucks. (long distance drivers often find they have increased back ailments)
  • Completing tasks or jobs where the body is in an awkward position, especially if it is a task that gets done repeatedly
  • Standing for prolonged periods of time causes the body to make adjustments for the sake of being more comfortable, this is however short lived and further postural damage will follow.


How can Postural Alignment Therapy benefit you?

  • Posture correction will ease excessive curvature of the upper back
  • Prominent curving of the lumbar region, which is a common cause of lower back pain, can be alleviated to a large degree
  • Overall flexibility will be improved bringing along with it a better quality of life
  • Increased comfort while doing a desk-bound job. Long periods of sitting can impact the body negatively
  • Relief from back pain
  • Injury prevention and accelerated healing of injuries due to realignment of pressure, relieving the area
  • Improved core strength

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